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Based - Grown - Known  

Alberta is a distinctive province with a unique economy and we are proud to be a part of it.  We are a locally grown insurance brokerage with global reach.  Our Alberta roots provide us with local knowledge and an understanding of the way business is conducted in this province.  Our focus is on developing strong ties with our clients, finding the right coverage for each client, providing the utmost in service and acting ethically and responsibly.

Magna Alberta




We take a simple but important approach that entails three steps to determine the framework of an insurance program.  Every business is different and has unique insurance needs.

The Magna Approach


Our process begins with the examination of your business operations to gain a full understanding of business activities, assets holdings and exposures.  This key information then allows our team to identify all applicable insurance and risk management options.


Assessing the risks and exposure of any business entity is a key step in the insurance procurement and risk management process. An understanding of a business’s operations and assets provides additional information that assists us in designing the most suitable insurance program for your business. This process considers the total cost of risk formula that calculates the projected, combined cost of retaining, mitigating and transferring all potential risks to your bottom line.


We have built and designed our service-offering to be all inclusive.  Our goal is to meet each and every insurance-related need of our clients including procurement, consulting, risk management, education and compliance.  We believe these services will improve our clients' insurance programs while improving efficiency.

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